Hydrographic Printing, Custom Paint and Auto Modifications

Immersion Imaging specialise in hydrographic printing or hydro dipping to customise a wide range of objects from car and bike interiors and exteriors, guns, musical instruments, furniture, helmets and more.

Completely transform the appearance of your car, bike or boar with carbon fibre, wood grain, camo, marble or metallic finishes using our immersion printing process. Our highly skilled staff with years of expertise produce an immaculate finish every time to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

Immersion Imaging was built on a history of automotive respraying, crash repairs, custom vehicle alterations and custom paint finishes. Over the years, Immersion has branched out to helmet design, furniture restoration, custom painted bathroom accessories, camo painted gun stocks and more. The hydro dipping process allows an almost endless variety of 3D objects to be customised for both personal and business marketing purposes. Hydro designs give businesses the upper hand in visual marketing to turn everyday objects into one-of-a-kind art pieces.


Water transfer imaging for carbon fibre rims by Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.

Unlimited Customisation

Our revolutionary 3D printing process allows you to completely customise nearly anything. Hydro dip anything from car parts and instruments to chairs, tables and surfboards. The only limitation is your imagination.

Customise your car interior or exterior at Immersion Imaging, Brisbane. Hydrographic printing and auto painting.

Customise your car, inside and out

Completely change the look of your car or simply add a few features to ensure your car stands out from the pack. Immerse finer details like grills, air intake trims, handles or larger items such as interior panels and wheels for a more dramatic effect.

Restore furniture at Immersion Imaging, brisbane.

Restore or update furniture

Our woodgrain pattern lends itself beautifully to old furniture needing a new lease on life. Transform run down pieces to their former glory or modernise them with a fresh new colour and a coat of gloss.

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Matte Black Amiata Bath

March 22, 2015

Wood Grain Milk Jugs

July 20, 2014

Custom HSV VF Maloo Engine Cover – Prism and Red Kandy

May 19, 2014

Carbon Fiber Dipped RB26 Engine Covers

March 12, 2014

Escalade Golf Buggy – Touch Ups

March 12, 2014

Scott McLaughlin V8 Supercars Helmet 2014

March 12, 2014

Custom Hilux Door Panels – Dipped in Skulls with Blue Kandy

March 12, 2014

Black Rims with Logo – Holden Racing Team

March 12, 2014

Custom VF Brake Callipers and Engine Cover

March 12, 2014

Custom Maloo Interior and Mirror Covers Dipped in Skulls

March 12, 2014

Robert Dahlgren V8 Supercar Helmet – 2014 Race Season

March 12, 2014

Russell Ingall’s V8 Supercar Helmet – Beginning of Season 2014

March 12, 2014

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