Dipit Kustoms spray gun by Michael Jones at Immersion Imaging. Custom car painting, Brisbane.Immersion Imaging is a Brisbane based company that specialises in Hydrographic Printing . This amazing technology has an unlimited use in a variety of applications. It was exclusively used by the military to camouflage artillery, weapons and vehicles, but now it’s used to give companies the upper-hand in visual marketing by improving everyday products into something one-of-a-kind.

You may have seen this process and not even have known. Anything from wood grain car and boat interiors, to sunglasses and phones with particular patterns.

Any item made from rubber, wood, metal and plastic can be turned into an eye catching piece of artwork. From a water bottle to mag wheels, an entire motorcycle to a computer mouse, all you have to do is choose your desired pattern and the hard work is out of your hands.

Immersion have hundreds of patterns available ranging from carbon fibre, wood grains, marbles and metallics. They are also the only Australian licensee to stock Realtree®, which is undoubtedly the world’s most versatile range of camouflage patterns.

Michael Jones, the skilled owner of Immersion Imaging has been the hidden talent behind some of Australia’s most impressive custom vehicles and accessories. Mick eats, lives and breathes his profession- he is constantly improving his painting and application techniques to ensure he stays at the top of his game.

Immersion is partnered with a wide range of talented partners from Airbrushing specialists, car audio, home automation, Luxury European bathroom contacts and V8 Supercar drivers. The wide range of projects that come through the doors are a testament to the versatility of Mick’s vision and skills.


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