Hydrographic Printing and water transfer printing by Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.

Immersion Imaging have the ability to transform almost any product, car or piece of furniture into something spectacular. You can immerse anything- from automotive parts to kitchen splash backs, almost any substrate that can be painted, it can be done. With hundreds of patterns to choose from and a range of custom colours, candies, flakes and over 13 years of experience in the automotive industry- Immersion Imaging ensure top quality finishes and one-of-a-kind work every time.

Immersion have have imported Australia’s largest fully automated Rockwell powered Hydrographic Dipping Tank to be able to offer the latest in water transfer printing technology. In addition to state of the art equipment- Michael Jones, the owner and talent behind Immersion Imaging pairs the latest technology with premium paints for an immaculate finish every time.

Michael has undergone extensive training and has bucket loads of experience in custom paint finishes and water transfer printing. His thousands of projects have given him a wealth of knowledge in the hydrographic process which shifted to offering Hydrographic Training for both industry professionals and enthusiasts. Contact Immersion if you’d like to learn more about our Hydrographic Training and Supplies. 


Why Choose Hydrographic Printing?

Hydrographic printing benefits- Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.Customise almost any 3D item whether it is metal, plastic, glass, rubber or wood. Choose a pattern and our water transfer printing process will transform its appearance to make it one-of-a-kind. Make your project even more impressive by combining your design with specialty paints in matte, gloss, metallic, candy and fleck finishes.


Hydrographic Printing has become a popular choice for automotive modifications as it has a range of benefits including:

Heat resistant properties

Water transfer printed objects are heat resistant, unlike vinyl wrapped items. This major benefit makes it possible to modify car, bike and marine parts, engine bays and accessories.

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High Detail at Affordable Pricing

Have a fully customised item, unlike any other without forking out big bucks for an airbrush artist. Achieve a unique design with intelligent pattern placement and specialty paints.

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Consistent Application

Rest assured that if you choose to dip a series of items, the design, pattern and colour will not differ. Dip everything from your car rims, rear view mirrors, door handles, dash and interior trims knowing that each part will be patterned identically.

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Cheaper than the ‘Real Thing’

Genuine wood grain, brushed metal or carbon fibre accessories cost far more than hydrographic printing.

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Choice of Finish

Seal your design with a hard coat of high gloss or matte clear paint for added protection and a sleek finish.



Start your Project


Hydrographic process by Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.[dropcap4]1[/dropcap4]Choose a Pattern

Choose one of our hundreds of hydrographic film patterns including carbon fibre, wood grain, brushed metal, skulls, flames, Realtree camouflage and marble.

[dropcap4]2[/dropcap4]Add Colour

Choose to undercoat your chosen pattern for another level of customisation. Combine multiple layers using specialty paints and patterns for a truly unique finish. Check out some coloured hydrographic printing ideas.

[dropcap4]3[/dropcap4]Pick your Placement

Choose to dip the object entirely, or section off areas to create a geometric or shaped pattern for a precise design. Some of our award winning bikes feature highly detailed sectioned-off patterns. See our gallery for some inspiration.