Hydro Dipping FAQs


What materials does hydro dipping work on?

Almost any non-porous 3D item can be printed on whether it is metal, wood, rubber, plastic or glass. In most cases, if the item can be painted, it can be dipped. Contact Michael for an obligation-free quote.

Do you disassemble furniture, items and car parts?

Yes, we can disassemble items. We prefer to receive disassembled car parts, furniture and items ready for preparation but we can disassemble items for additional labour time.

How durable is Hydrographic Film?

When finished with a clear coat, hydrographic film is incredibly durable and lasts as long as paint. We use OEM spec films and activators and follow a stringent preparation process to ensure the film is applied perfectly. Think of it the same way you do paintwork, poor preparation and inferior paints won’t last the test of time. If treated properly, hydrographic printing will last indefinitely.

Why choose Hydrographic Printing over Airbrushing or Vinyl Wraps?

Hydrographic printing is heat resistant, which makes it incredibly easy to customise car and motorbike parts. Vinyl wraps aren’t as durable or as easy to apply. You risk bubbles during application, peeling and flaking from heat exposure and age. If you damage vinyl- the whole vinyl sheet will need to be replaced. Hydro dipped items can be treated the same as painted items. You can polish and wax immersion dipped car parts the same as the rest of the vehicle. You can also achieve a highly detailed pattern using hydro dipping without paying a small fortune for airbrushing.

What is your turnaround time?

For Brisbane-based projects, turn around time is generally 1 week. Interstate projects take a little longer to accommodate freight time. If lead times look to be longer than a week, I will advise when quoting.

Do you accept interstate projects?

Yes, I accept interstate projects. I can quote jobs based on photos and a quick phone call. We prefer to receive projects disassembled and ready to go for ease of transport. Contact us for more information on interstate orders.