The Hydrographic Printing Process


Choose a pattern

We offer patterns in our Gallery that range from RealtreeĀ® camouflage, carbon fiber, wood grains, marbles and metallics. We can also customise a pattern to suit your specific needs.

Preparation of Product

The most important part of the entire Hydrographic process is the preparation. Firstly, the product is cleaned and sanded (when needed) before applying specific adhesion promoters. The product is then painted with a specific coloured base coat which will then determine the final look of your desired pattern.

Film Placement

The water soluble polyvinyl film is placed onto the water which is contained in our specialised Hydrographic Printing tank.


The film is sprayed with a chemical activator via a robotic arm, ensuring a controlled and equal dissolve rate. This in turn leaves the pattern/ink floating on the water.


The product is immersed into the water/ink pattern allowing the water to follow the contours of the product and ensuring full coverage.

Rinsing and Drying

Once immersion has been completed, the product is placed into the rinse tank before being removed and dried.

Clear Coating

This is where the decorated product is coated with a high UV clear-coat. There are a range of different clears to choose from depending on your preference. High solid, medium solid, semi-gloss and matte clear can provide you with your desired finish.


Hydrographic film printing in US $100 bills on motorbike by Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.