Carbon fibre motorbike using hydrographic printing or water transfer printing by Immersion Imaging, Brisbane.

Hydrographic Training, Brisbane

The rise in popularity for hydrographic printing has created a demand for training in the use of Hydrographic Tanks in Australia. Michael Jones, the talent behind Immersion Imaging offers his wealth of experience in one-on-one training sessions based in Brisbane. Learn the entire water transfer printing process from preparation to final clear coating and maintenance. Michael’s tricks of the trade, only learned from years of industry experience and careful experimentation will give you all you need to commence your own personal projects or take the leap into a start up business.

In addition to providing extensive training, Michael also stocks hydrographic films and activators. Immersion Imaging has secured the Australian rights to RealTree printing films which are the most realistic looking camouflage film patterns on the market. They are perfectly suited to hunting, firearms and accessories applications.


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