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Immersion Imaging are proud to announce that we are now stocking Sanctiond, and are the first official retailer for this fantastic car care range. Feel free to contact us for information on pricing or questions on the range.

Take a look at Sanctiond Australia, Facebook page to see what it is all about.


Sanctiond car cleaning products are distributed by Immersion Imaging in Brisbane, Australia.


Bright White

Our Brite-White wall tire scrub will make a huge difference without using bleach. This premium formula brings out the original beauty of your white walls.

• White Wall Tire Scrub
• No Damaging Bleach
• You Will See The Difference
• 16 oz


Tire Glaze
This non-sling glaze provides a long-lasting deep shine with a blinding brilliance. For the ultimate car show shine, look no further.

• Longest Lasting, Deep Shine
• Blinding Brilliance
• No-Sling Off
• 16 oz


Tire Shine
For the blackest black, this formula offers a mirror like shine with amazing deep wet reflections. This product will make your tires glisten and complete your car’s superior overall appearance.

• Blackest Black
• Mirror-Like Shine
• Amazing Deep Wet Reflections
• 16 oz


Metal Polish
With a mirror brite finish, our metal polish is safe on alloy and great for grills. You can keep every ounce of gold, brass, forged and finely cast aluminum, billet and chrome rims shining. With the micro-diminishing abrasive technology engineered into this custom formula, your metal will be clean and protected.

• Mirror Brite Finish
• Great For Grills
• Safe On Alloy
• 4 oz


Wheel And Tire Cleaner
This safe, spot free formula will make the dirt and grime drip off your wheels and tires. Wheels are constantly under assault from the elements and they need care to keep them in peak condition.

• Foaming Action
• Dirt & Grime Drips Off All Wheels
• Safe, Spot Free Formula
• 16 oz


This non-greasy UV vinyl and rubber protectant cleans and shines while leaving a pleasant aroma. The unique formula ensures a clean and shiny interior that will never leave surfaces greasy.

• Cleans & Shines Vinyl & Rubber
• Non-Greasy UV Protection
• Smells Great
• 16 oz


Leather Spray
This light spray conditions and shines from deep moisturizing oils that leave a refreshing scent. To condition your leather make sure to clean it with this superior spray.

• Conditions & Shines
• Deep Gloss Moisturizing Oils
• Refreshing Scent
• 16 oz


Leather Lotion
This lotion cleans, conditions and rejuvenates your leather through oils that penetrate and moisturize while leaving a fresh scent. Wipe on this penetrating blend of cleaners and conditioners to prevent cracks and dry spots.

• Cleans, Conditions & Rejuvenates
• Penetrating Moisturizing Oils
• Refreshing Scent
• 16 oz

Spray Wax

Our premium spray wax is a quick and easy way to keep gloss locked in, which amplifies brilliance, reduces swirls, and eliminates water spotting. This advanced blend of carnauba and polymers was carefully designed to spray on and wipe off, even in direct sunlight.

• Carnauba & Polymer Blend
• Quick Wet-Looking Shine
• Slick Brilliant Finish
• 16 oz


Signature Paste Wax
The Signature Wax Paste provides long lasting protection, endless water beading and a dramatic hi-shine reflection. Skillfully blending polymers with rich polishing oils and optical enhancers allows for a better coat and maximizes the brilliance of the high gloss.

• Synthetic Paste Sealant
• Dramatic Hi-Gloss
• Slick Brilliant Finish
• 8 oz


Signature Wax Liquid
Our Signature Liquid Wax offers long lasting protection against water and more, while providing a dramatic hi-shine reflection. Skillfully blending synthetic polymers with rich polishing oils and optical enhancers allows for a better coat and maximizes the brilliance of the high gloss.

• Synthetic Sealant
• Dramatic Hi-Gloss
• Slick Brilliant Finish
• 16 oz


Cleaner Wax
This carnauba blend wax is an all-in-one solution that cleans, polishes and protects your paint, while removing light swirls and hazing. By easy application with either hand or machine, you will get the finish you desire and bring your paint back to life.

• Premier Carnauba Blend
• Removes Light Swirls & Hazing
• Relentless Water Beading
• 16 oz


Car Wash
Our hi-sudsing car wash leaves paint spot-free while brightening with color enhancers. A unique blend of polymers and dirt suspending agents gives your paint the deep cleaning action it deserves. 100% safe even on the most sensitive custom paint jobs.

• Hi-Sudsing
• Leaves Paint Spot-Free
• Brighteners & Color Enhancers
• 48 oz


Spray Detailer
Mister Cartoon’s premium Spray Detailer quickly removes debris and prevents it from bonding to your jewel-like finish. Our detailer is formulated so you can spray and drive away, making it perfect for the morning of a car show or before your Saturday night rendezvous.

• Mist On, Wipe Off
• Maintains Mirror-Like Shine
• Easy, Fast Touch-Ups
• 16 oz


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