Custom rims in carbon fibre by Immersion Imaging, hydrographic printing and water transfer printing, Brisbane.Custom Rims

Immersion Imaging specialise in custom rims and auto modifications. With years of industry experience in auto customisation, hydrographic printing, repainting and specialist paint jobs, Immersion can do just about anything you can imagine.

Our hydrographic printing process is perfect for creating carbon fibre rims without the crazy price tag. Dipping carbon fibre wheels is almost a daily process at Immersion Imaging. It is one of our most popular auto modifications and comes in the choice of a gloss,  satin or matte finish. If you’re after something a bit different we have a huge range of hydrographic films to customise rims for cars and bikes. See how the process works and learn about the benefits of water transfer printing.

We also paint custom rims in a huge range of PPG Automotive Paints and the PPG Vibrance Collection for specialty finishes. Add a rim logo or pinstripe rims to finish it off.



Black Rims with Logo – Holden Racing Team

March 12, 2014

HSV Coupe 4 Rims – Dipped in Carbon with pinstripe and logo

February 6, 2014

Gloss black rims with Red Pinstripe

February 6, 2014

BMW Race Bike Lamborghini Orange Wheels

February 6, 2014

Harley Rims Dipped in Skulls

February 6, 2014

Black Rims with Red Pinstripe

December 9, 2013

Custom Gloss Carbon Motorbike Rims with Gold Pinstripe

October 28, 2013

Custom HSV Senator trims and carbon fiber interior

October 8, 2013

Custom Black and Green HSV Pentagon Rims

September 24, 2013

Marble Effect Wheels

April 5, 2013

Carbon Fibre Wheels

April 5, 2013